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Keywords Everywhere


This list is not exhaustive. We will try to add to it as often as possible.

Keywords Everywhere

When you perform a search this browser add-on for Chrome & Firefox lifts the search volume, cost per click (CPC), related keywords and people also search for.

Just below the search box, you can see the data for the search term ‘Free Keyword Research Tools’

Search Volume: 550 per month

Cost Per Click: $2.78

These are the search terms related to your initial search for ‘Free Keyword Research Tools’

Related keywords to your initial search

This information can be exported to a CSV file for later use.


Type the domain name of one of your competitors or your keyword. Next, select the country you are interested in.

Here we are searching for the same term and checking the results for the USA

I would ignore ‘SEO Difficulty’ and ‘Paid Difficulty’. Like Keywords Everywhere, search volume and CPC are displayed.

Another use of this tool is placing a competitors domain in the search box.

While editing this post on 19/09/2019 Ahrefs was holding the number one spot for our search term. So I placed the URL of the article into the search box. Unfortunately, Ubersuggest is only limited to searching an entire domain. I had mistakenly assumed it could also check individual pages. The domain search in this instance is not helpful. However, if your competitor was more niched down, say for example a plumbing website. Using the tool to analyze that local competitor would present ideal local keywords.

Keyword Keg

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